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2009/2011 -CHINA- ADB – "Rural Finance Innovation & Rural & Agricultural Financial Statistical System Development"

This project required an analysis of banks and MFIs providing rural finance throughout China. The objective of the project was the development of a rural finance statistical system for People’s Bank of China to allow it to better monitor the provision and impact of the nation's financial services sector.



2005 - CHINA - ADB “Rural Finance Reforms and Development of Microfinance Institutions”

Microfinance Services was responsible for the conduct of market research to determine demand for microfinance services, training of PBOC, RCC and CBRC staff in microfinance ‘best-practice’, lead national microfinance study tour, drafting of tender documents for the licensing of the first private retail financial institution in China.



2005 - CHINA -  Citigroup “Market Research for Product Development”...

Microfinance Services was contracted to provide a  training to 5 MFIs and CICETE in market research, product development and product pilot testing.




1999 -CHINA- AusAID “Guangxi Microfinance Feasibility Study”

 Feasibility study of microfinance component of a proposed $4 million microfinance programme in Guangxi province.


1996/1997 -CHINA- AusAID – "Inner Mongolia Grasslands Project"

Microfinance Services was responsible for the design of microfinance facility for project beneficiaries. This service is intended to allow greater economic diversification through microenterprise development. It is intended to reduce the dependence upon pastoralism and thus reduce grazing pressure on the fragile grasslands in the project area.


1995/1997 -CHINA- AusAID – "Qinghai Community Development Project"

Microfinance Services has been responsible for the design, implementation an evaluation of a savings and credit delivery system as part of the QCDP. This project is a broad based poverty focused project implemented through the Agricultural Bank of China. It targets Tibetan and Hui minority groups. This microfinance scheme has dramatically modified the Grameen Bank microfinance model with a range of innovations that allow much greater flexibility and usefulness of the service to its clients. The programme is designed to promote asset accumulation and entrepreneurship among the poorest section of the community. A number of the innovations relate directly to the enhancement the financial sustainability of the programme such as contracting of village level financial intermediation responsibility to local women.


1994 TIBET-CHINA- AusAID – "Tibet Poverty Project Feasibility Study".

Microfinance Services provided a consultant to appraise the microfinance, agricultural and environmental components of an AusAID funded poverty alleviation project. Key tasks were to consult local villagers and relevant officials in order to assess the viability of a community managed land rehabilitation programme. This proposed programme involved re-vegetation of degraded lands and development of alternative income generating activities to allow reduced grazing of vulnerable ecological zones.


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